Toning Tables

Benefits of Toning Tables – The tables are stress-free, increase circulation, improve flexibility. Most programs perpetuate the yo-yo syndrome and sell instant gratification. We want to introduce a lifestyle management that addresses psychological needs and emotions. Throughout the progressive process, the client will begin to reshape the body, restore elasticity, increase metabolism, increase bone density, improve sleep patterns, replace excess fat with lean muscle, and rehabilitate deteriorated and deconditioned muscles. These steps of assisted exercise ensure a safer, slower, and more effective introduction to getting in “shape”. The tables combine the principles of physical and isometric exercises without muscle strain or fatigue. Because the machine is power assisted, it does not rely on muscle

power.  Can be used by those dealing with conditions such as stroke, fibromyalgia, and other issues.  A whopping 70% of suffers from chronic lower back pain reported relief within weeks.  Also, shows improved posture and realignment of spine and pelvis.

What are Toning Tables?

Side to Side Table – Trims and tones muscles in the abdomen and sides of waist. Helps ease tension in the lower back

Leg Kick Table – Gently raises and lowers your legs helping to shed inches from the midriff, waist, stomach, and hip area while strengthening the lower back

Sandbag Table – Two pads move in rhythmic (back and forth motion) that will help to firm and tone up loose flabby muscles in the buttock area. Also, helps to strengthen stomach muscles.

Stretch Table – A single pad moves back and forth to tone upper arms, back and tummy muscles. Helps to rid body of excess fat under bra lineWhole Leg Table – Works to slenderize the inner and

outer thigh areas toning muscles and reducing “saddle bags”

Sit-up Table – Our alternative to sit-ups. Strengthens and tightens abdomen, midriff, and lower back muscles

Vibration Machine/Therapy – Improve circulation by increasing blood flow and ridding the body of excess water. Good for the lymph system. 10 min. on the machine is like an hour in a gym. Use different poses.

Pampering Section – For relaxation and convenience, we offer therapeutic massage, body wraps, ionic foot bath, infrared sauna, oxygen breathing, and ear candling. Try a 

smoothie or one of the many teas available. Come learn about health and essential oils at one of the seminars we offer throughout the year. Have a Spa Party to sample some mini services.

We also have a retail area of soaps, lotions, herbs, supplements, aromatherapy items, and many other health-related items. We’re always finding the latest in “herbal” wellness.

How does this exercise work? The high repetition movements of the toning tables will tone and firm. Your muscles are not only healthier but more taut and compact.

How soon will I see results? Most people will realize an inch loss after only a few sessions. Like other exercise programs, the best results are achieved with regular use over an extended period of time.  Strength can be increased 50% when using the tables twice a week for 10 weeks.

Will I build muscle? No, traditional exercise produces muscle bulk that makes you look heavier, not thinner. Toning tables do not do that.

It this form of exercise good for elderly or handicapped? Absolutely. The natural movement of the toning tables will gently increase the flexibility of stiff muscles and arthritic joints as well as firm and tone without strain or fatigue.

What do I wear? Comfortable loose-fitting slacks and shirt or a sweat suit with socks. No blue jeans, belts, buckles, or long jewelry.

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