Here is an analogy. The lymphatic system is very similar to an oil change.

For example, if the oil does not get changed, it gets all mucked up, full of gunk, and will not perform well, or possibly not at all.  If it stays like this long enough, the engine has a very real potential to break down. In Nina’s opinion, the body’s lymphatic system is very similar. If it goes too long without cleansing and releasing, it can become toxic and will not perform well. We take in fat and toxins every day. At times the digestive system does not eliminate what is stored in the lymphatic system. The fluid consisting of fat, toxins and general waste, will then hold and store whatever is not eliminated by the natural process (through bowel movement and urination). Other systems that may be affected include the circulatory, endocrine, digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems as well as mobility.

X’Tract is one of the few ways to release and cleanse the body of all this unwanted and dangerous waste, thereby resulting in a healthier system with the capacity to function properly while helping the body’s ability to perform at an optimal level. This results in health and vitality as the body is able to heal itself the way God designed it to do. This process is a proven and effective way to cleanse the body’s lymph system, which also allows the other systems to function better.

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